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Strategic Planning with Online Scrums Updated!

Finding the right tool for your strategic planning and execution can be challenging, and let us not forget that sometimes the best planning tool is a big piece of butchers paper or a whiteboard! Planning aside, when it comes to strategic execution it's important to ensure visibility of targets and what work is involved to achieve the expected results. I think that you could relate to great plans never progressing past the planning stage because it is unfortunately so very common in organisations that fail to define a execution approaches.

We at Online Scrums believe that the principles adopted in agile scrum can be useful in strategic execution, especially the processes addressed in the platform we've built such as; targets and planning, sprints, scrums and retrospectives! 

Targets and Planning

Targets were released in release 2.4.8 and allows the creation of strategic targets, the breakdown of work (tasks) and the assignment of tasks to your team sprints.

We can see in the below image a team target to "Implement Online Scrums" with tasks added and associated with a sprint period (TUSK 001 and TUSK 002).

You can also use this component to visualise the status of your targets and their tasks, as well as, when work can be expected to be completed. Don't forget to apply due dates to your tasks if there are time sensitive deliverables. You can then plan multiple strategic targets and their tasks into sprint periods.


Sprint Settings

Given this is a strategic execution, you may or may not want to conduct "scrums" every 24hrs, you can adjust your sprints work days accordingly to define when the team are expected to report on their task status and progress as shown below;

In the above example, we're expecting twice weekly "scrums" where your team members will be expected to submit their "my day" report through the Online Scrums platform.



If their are specific milestones related to your team or targets then you can make use of the milestones component to highlight these throughout your sprint. Anything that may impact on the teams ability to deliver to expectations should be captured this way to ensure everybody is aware of them!



One of the strengths of the agile methodology is the process of reflection through retrospectives and this is critical for strategic planning and execution too.

As your team complete their tasks and reports, they can also provide feedback that will then be reviewed and discussed at the end of the sprint period. This is critical to effectively celebrating wins, identifying aeas of improvement and actions to get more from the team.

Read more about retrospectives here


Scrum, Sprint and Trend Reports

Finally, you can make use of of Scrum, Sprint and Trend reports to identify factors that are impacting your teams ability to achieve the expected results. Examples of thesecan be found below;



So what do you think? Can you see how this could help with your strategic planning and execution? If this is an area that you or your team have struggled with, we'd love to hear from you and to see you setup a free 21 day trial to see it work for your organisation!

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