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Online Scrums

manage dispersed teams - increase visibility - better business decisions


My Day

allows your team to provide updates and plan their work as well as record a video message from their PC or mobile device


view daily reports by team member and encourage collaboration and discussion about the results and possible impacts


use a familar swimlane view to either see the progress of your sprint or to manage your assigned tasks for the day


supports better tracking of sprint outcomes and encourage constructive feedback through your sprint retrospectives


sprint retrospectives can be supported with trend reports about past sprint statistics & performance and team member statistics

Dispersed Teams

team members submit their daily reports in their own time without impacting the momentum of the sprint, regardless of their location


managers & leaders can be setup as observers to view reports and see sprint progress without the need to submit daily reports


scrum masters have amazingly simple visibility of sprint momentum and an ability to address project risks proactively.


increased visibility means better business decisions that will positively affect your customers experience with your team

Our Approach

Online Scrums is designed to make daily agile scrums more effective by allowing your team to see through the haze and clearly identify issues. This empowers scrum masters & product owners with data to make decisions that customers will directly benefit from.

Our approach differs from other agile solutions in that we specifically address the daily scrum process that is often neglected in other products. We are believers of the K.I.S.S. methodology and that is apparent in our clean and beautiful solution.

Free 21 Day Trial!

We are confident that after one to two sprints you will be convinced that your team will love what we can do for you, so signup for your free 21 day trial now!

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