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Using Agile Scrum and Online Scrums for Strategic Planning and Execution

Agile Scrum is more commonly used within the software development or project management fields, but it can be a great tool for managing your strategic planning and execution, and of course Online Scrums is here to provide it's amazing visibility to your tasks and milestones.

The following guide will take you through how to setup your "sprints" and manage your tasks within Online Scrums to better manage your strategic execution.

Planning & Setup

Firstly, you are unlikely to want daily scrums for strategic execution (unless it's a full-time project of course!). For this you will want to setup your sprint with less "work days" which can be considered reportable days.

Sprint Manager Screen with 2 reportable days per week

This will create multiple "days" within each reporting periods. They will be assigned to the reporting day but it will provide great visibility of what tasks are being worked on and their progress.

As with traditional agile scrum, we recommend you plan your tasks in managable pieces of work, usually at Online Scrums, no task is greater than 4 hours.

Add your sprint tasks and key milestones within Online Scrums and then save your sprint.

Execution - day to day

As you work on your tasks add them to your "My Day" report or use "Progress" to transition tasks through status'. Add any comments and feedback that you would like the team to see. Remember though your report should only be submitted before the cut-off day and time, otherwise you won't be able to add additional tasks!


You may not hold scrums, but the beauty of Online Scrums is you can still view and see the progress of the items that the team has committed to throughout the sprint period.

If this is an area that you or your team have struggled with, we'd love to hear from you and to see you setup a free 21 day trial to see it work for your organisation!

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