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Update 2.1.0 - Routine Tasks are now LIVE!

Update 2.1.0 includes a new key feature... routine tasks. This feature gives your teams the ability to include regular, routine tasks to your sprint setup once. The system will use your choices to create report tasks for your nominated team members, on your nominated days (or all of them) automatically.

How can we use this feature?

It's really easy to use, as you create or manage a task you can indicate that it is either a daily or scheduled day routine task and for whom, as shown below;

Daily Task

Scheduled Day Task

Easy right? Then each time a report is created, Online Scrums will check for any routine tasks for that team member on that day and automatically create it for them.

These tasks are then indicated in the various reports as shown below;

What types of tasks should we use this for?

Some examples for you!

  • routine tasks that are not necessarily broken down in your development environment are great candidates for using this feature
  • if you have regular tasks for customers, especially in support roles, where you need to perform a task, clear some logs, check the outcomes of an overnight job etc
  • if you using Online Scrums to manage day-to-day tasks, any that are repetative could be setup once during sprint setup rather than as 1 task X number of users X number of days - think of the time you'll say (Marketing? Sales? PA? EA?)

 We're excited about this feature and this it's going to really save time during sprint setup.

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