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Upcoming feature : Online Scrums and Atlassian Jira Software Integration

Since our founder, Chris Winfield-Blum, envisioned Online Scrums, it was never to compete with some of the great development planning platforms, such as Atlassian and Microsoft Visual Studio. Instead, the vision was to enhance the experience that our customers had with those tools, with a specific focus on improving the daily scrum processes.

Staying true to that vision, we have provided better ways for teams to plan and present their work to their teams and leadership; we have introduced systemised task commitment and reporting, and we have improved the visibility and collaboration of our teams through the scrum, sprint and trend reports.

The next logical step, based on our own plans and feedback from our customers, is to better share information available in your core systems, including Online Scrums (of course!) and, as such, it's with great pleasure we announce that work on our integration between Atlassian Jira Software and Online Scrums has commenced in November.

When will this happen, I hear you saying under your breath, well we are expecting internal testing to commence early December with a public release in January (if not earlier!).

There will be a number of integration points between the two systems that will be handled seamlessly on your behalf.

Creating New sprints

You will now be able to select a sprint from JIRA Software and automatically import tasks.

Viewing task details

When you view the details of a task, that information will be a consolidated view of JIRA and Online Scrums including descriptions (success criteria etc), status and comments.

Two-way status updates, comments and audit trails

Comments and specific audit events will be available on both systems. Status updates will also reflect on both systems.

We're really excited about this next step and hope that it goes a long way to creating a better software eco-system for our customers.

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