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Release 2.7.4 is live and it includes group chat integration and notifications

Well it has been a busy busy couple of weeks here at Online Scrums and we just pushed up our latest release! There's some create new features and integrations that will bring your team together in new and exciting ways.

Slack and MS Teams Connectors are live!

We've integrated with both Slack and MS Teams to send team notifications on important events such as;

  • Cut Off Warnings
  • Daily Scrum Summaries
  • Retrospective Summaries
  • More to come!

It should also be noted that notifications will also now appear in your notifications area within Online Scrums too!

Take a look at how it looks below;

Markdown Support

Key areas within Online Scrums such as task descriptions and retrospective feedback now support markdown language for easy and fast formatting. Where possible "previews" are also provided to make this clear and there's a cheat sheet available in our help centre to get you going too!

Try it out today!

Scrum Enhancements

Scrums now have a means of showing the current status of the scrum (non-started, commenced or completed). Once a scrum is marked as completed, a notification will be sent to your entire team within Online Scrums and if you have configured a group chat / collaboration connector a single notice and summary will be shared as well.

Further, we now allow for additional comments and feedback to be added to your scrum report for review by other stakeholders.

Retrospective Enhancements

As with scrums, the current status of your retros can now be controlled and will also trigger notifications accordingly.

Style Updates

We've continued to update the overall style of the application to be more consistent, this release includes updates to user and team settings.


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