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Release 2.4.8 is now live and we have a lot to tell you about

With the latest version of Online Scrums we are really, really, really excited to announce some major updates that are going to rock your world! This article is a short summary of the key changes we've made for your review and feedback but you can expect some additional articles to be released in the coming days & weeks with a focus on how best your organisation can make use of these new features, enjoy!


Achieve better results with Targets

One aspect of the agile scrum process that was handled externally was the definition of targets and work breakdown. If you're using a tool like Atlassian, you were probably using those tools to meet this requirement but for those looking to use Online Scrums to manage the entire agile scrum process, the addition of targets achieves exactly that.

We will be creating another blog article on how to make the best use of this really cool feature but in short, you define your team targets. Breakdown the work required to achieve those targets and then assign tasks to current and future sprints.

This is going to be an amazing tool for strategic planning and execution, in fact it is part of the process for our CEO, Chris Winfield-Blum's mentoring program!

Sprints and Milestones have sepArated, but it's amicable... we promisE

Previously, milestones, a key feature of Online Scrums, designed to increase business visibility and encourage better decisions, was directly linked to sprints. Upon reflection, this didnt make complete sense, if a milestone shifted from one sprint to another, it would need to be recreated. We consider that a milestone is valid regardless of the sprint it's associated with, and as such we now manage milestones independantly from your sprints.

We will then present those milestones (and targets! but more of thise later...) that are relevant to the current sprint period. The below is the newly added Milestones component that is used to manage your teams milestones.

Visibility of targets throughout the sprint

We mentioned above that milestones and targets are presented throughout the sprint as you would expect. The goal here, of course, remains the same, to present the information your team needs to make the best decisions possible. An example of this can be seen with the updated daily scrum view;

 Within the "Team Targets and Milestones" panel, you will see a combination of your normal milestones as well as the additional "target" items.

Atlassian JIRA Transitions

We've also quietly rolled out an update JIRA Integration that now handles Task transitions automatically based on a "priority" based concept. This was an incredibly complicated aspect of Atlassian JIRA to build because workflows and their transitions are managed per task type, per project. We believe that this priority based approach is the best way to manage this but we encourage your feedback.

Again another article will be created to take you through the setup of your transitions, but if you're using "Stock JIRA" it should work out of the box for you!

New UX and overall style updates


Throughout the Online Scrums platform you will see a much more consistent look and feel.


We hope you all enjoy these updates and give us your feedback! We love to hear from you! 

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