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Online Scrums and Trello Working Together

As announced last week, you can now add agile principles and processes to your Trello boards, even your free boards! This is possible without using a PowerUp too! It's really cool and we're excited about helping some of the millions of Trello users to gain more control of their sprints.

It starts with planning

You can choose to plan in Trello or Online Scrums. If you choose to do so in Online Scrums, then we will automatically create Trello labels for your sprints. As you plan your future sprints, your tasks will be labelled accordingly.

This gives you a great view of when tasks were completed and potentially how many sprints it took to complete!

Quick Creation of Tasks

When you're planning in Online Scrums, you can also quickly create tasks that will be then be displayed in your chosen "Backlog" list. This really speeds up the process for you as you plan as a team.

Further, if you need to make changes such as title, description or due date, these get pushed back to Trello too.

Automated List Movements

Trello lists, as you would know if you're a user, represents progress, in Online Scrums, our status' are used for this purpose. So it makes absolute sense that when a task in reported as "Not Completed", "In Progress", "Blocked" or "Completed" that this should trigger an update in Trello too.

Check it out in the below video;




Pretty cool huh?

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