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Introducing Group Chat Connectors - Slack & Microsoft Teams


Keeping your organisation informed is often a particular challenge within agile scrum environments and while Online Scrums already addressed this with "observer" account types. It was, however, apparent that not every organisational stakeholder was interested in logging into Online Scrums regularly to get access to this information. Group chat tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams have taken great strides in improving team collaboration and information sharing to support better business decisions and we're excited to announce that both of these, highly popular group chat tools, will now be able to receive team notifications from Online Scrums using our connectors.


So what types of notifications will be shared with the team via Slack and/or MS Teams?


Scrum / Cutoff Warning

A team notification will be sent to remind everybody that their reports are due, 30 minutes prior to your cutoff. This should be more than enough time for those busy team members to reflect and provide meaningful input in preparation for your scrum!


Scrum Summary

Once your scrum has been completed in Online Scrums a notification that will outline some task statistics, scrum comments/feedback and blocker details will be sent to your agile notification channel.

By summarising this information we believe we'll stimulate constructive discussion within the team in relation to prioritisation and resolution of blockers reported by the team.


Retrospective Summary

Similarly to the scrum summary, completed retrospectives will result in a summary outlining attendees and agreed actions for the team.

This information will provide confidence to our organisation that the agile process is being taken seriously and that their are positive, constructive actions being taken to continuously improve team performance and sprint outcomes.


Target Completion / Celebration

 For those using the Online Scrums Targets feature, we encourage team celebration by announcing when a target has been successfully completed. This is an oft-overlooked aspect of working in teams and we think it's important for everyone to understand they are kicking goals!



But, we're just getting started

So get that these types of smart notifications are important, and that's why we understand that we are really only just getting started.

We are already building our wishlist and awaiting further feedback from our community. The list so far includes the following enhancements and/or new notifications;

  • Enhanced scrum and retro notifications to present more information
  • Trends and statistics
  • Defining a channel per notification type
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