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The importance of personal reflection for Agile Scrum teams and performance improvement

When you're working in an agile scrum team the focus is so much on "team", "sprint" and "outcomes" that individuals often fail to recognise the importance of personal reflection to drive continuous improvement. For those unfamiliar with the term "continuous improvement", it is an ideal state for organisations, teams and...

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How increased visibility of agile scrum & retrospective data enables better business decisions

This article discusses how Online Scrums can be used to drive continuous improvement and better business decisions for delivering successful agile scrum projects. Firstly, it should be noted that development platforms such as Atlassian and Microsoft VSTS provide huge amounts of useful information about your development tasks, priorities and roadmap....

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Manage your sprint retrospectives in Online Scrums

How often have you sat in a sprint retrospective, your scrum master asking each team member the usual "what went well?", "what didn't?", "what should we do differently?" and the responses from the team lack significant reflection and substance? You are not the only team to experience this, and Online...

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Upcoming feature : Online Scrums and Atlassian Jira Software Integration

Since our founder, Chris Winfield-Blum, envisioned Online Scrums, it was never to compete with some of the great development planning platforms, such as Atlassian and Microsoft Visual Studio. Instead, the vision was to enhance the experience that our customers had with those tools, with a specific focus on improving the...

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Using Agile Scrum and Online Scrums for Strategic Planning and Execution

Agile Scrum is more commonly used within the software development or project management fields, but it can be a great tool for managing your strategic planning and execution, and of course Online Scrums is here to provide it's amazing visibility to your tasks and milestones.

The following guide will take...

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Update 2.1.0 - Routine Tasks are now LIVE!

Update 2.1.0 includes a new key feature... routine tasks. This feature gives your teams the ability to include regular, routine tasks to your sprint setup once. The system will use your choices to create report tasks for your nominated team members, on your nominated days (or all of them) automatically.


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Update 2.0.0 - Welcoming Progress to the Online Scrums Family

Overnight we pushed out update 2.0.0 of Online Scrum which introduced process driven status and our newest, highly requested feature "progress" which gives you a familiar view of your sprint tasks. For team members or participating scrum masters you are also able to move your tasks between the appropriate status.


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Four reasons that you should systemise your daily scrum with Online Scrums

One of the four core values of Agile is "Individuals and Interactions Over Processes and Tools"  and generally our interactions are best done in person, we are after all humans, and interactions with other humans is a key part of our evolutionary gifted brain development patterns ( not related,...

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Introducing Online Scrums

There are many development tools and many of them do a great job of managing development processes from planning through to retrospectives, one of the ongoing concerns that I have held, especially with dispersed teams, was visibility outside of the standard sprint reports. Daily scrums, or stand ups, are nearly...

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Agile Daily Stand-ups : Traditional vs Reality

Agile daily stand-ups or scrums best practice, and traditionalist views would dictate that daily scrums are purely for co-located teams and are done in person, the problem with the view is that this ideal situation is become less common between dispersed teams, flexible working arrangements such as working from home...

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