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Four reasons that you should systemise your daily scrum with Online Scrums

One of the four core values of Agile is "Individuals and Interactions Over Processes and Tools"  and generally our interactions are best done in person, we are after all humans, and interactions with other humans is a key part of our evolutionary gifted brain development patterns ( not related,...

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Agile Daily Stand-ups : Traditional vs Reality

Agile daily stand-ups or scrums best practice, and traditionalist views would dictate that daily scrums are purely for co-located teams and are done in person, the problem with the view is that this ideal situation is become less common between dispersed teams, flexible working arrangements such as working from home...

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Introducing Online Scrums

There are many development tools and many of them do a great job of managing development processes from planning through to retrospectives, one of the ongoing concerns that I have held, especially with dispersed teams, was visibility outside of the standard sprint reports. Daily scrums, or stand ups, are nearly...

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Our Approach

Online Scrums is designed to make daily agile scrums more effective by allowing your team to see through the haze and clearly identify issues. This empowers scrum masters & product owners with data to make decisions that customers will directly benefit from.

Our approach differs from other agile solutions in that we specifically address the daily scrum process that is often neglected in other products. We are believers of the K.I.S.S. methodology and that is apparent in our clean and beautiful solution.

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