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Online Scrums

systemised daily scrums & sprint retrospectives integrated with powerful sprint & team reporting

Agile Reimagined

Agile scrum looks great in principle but at times can be complicated by commercial realities. Multiple simultaneous projects, challenging work prioritisation, mid-sprint deadlines & milestones, ineffective daily scrums and retrospectives are factors typically not managed well or addressed in traditional agile scrum and lead to common symptoms that your team is ineffective such as

missed milestones poor sprint burndown delayed delivery over or under estimation of work regular pressure to complete work lack of team growth or improvement

The below infographic highlights the agile scrum process reimagined with the introduction of the Online Scrums components. Each of which is specifically focused on addressing those areas of weaknesses and help organisations get more out of their agile scrum teams and realise better results and achieve competitive advantage in their chosen industry.


As nice as it would be, milestones are not always aligned with the end of your sprint periods. There are a number factors that influence the way that a sprint and its work should be prioritised and managed. Just to name a handful, consider

customer demonstrations project deliverables invoicing milestones birthdays annual leave & holidays

Without visibility of these key sprint milestones throughout the sprint period, your team is being setup to fail internal and external stakeholders.

Know Your Goals

Knowing your sprint objectives upfront creates clarity and comfort while allowing team members to plan and execute accordingly

Project Milestones

Visibility of mid-sprint project milestones such as customer demonstrations and reviews brings piece of mind to stakeholders

Invoicing Targets

Aligning project work with invoicing milestones adds an important element of business context for team members

Important Dates

Acknowledging team members significant days such as birthdays or anniversaries is a great way to improve team culture

Travel and Leave

Knowing and remembering team members leave during a sprint period will drive work prioritisation and reduce stress accordingly

Daily Scrums

Daily scrums are a great way to feel connected with your team, but how do you manage dispersed team members, possibly in different time zones? Further, asking the standard three questions every day fails to answer the business critical questions

What did we commit to that we didn't finish? What corrective action is required to recover?

Managing your daily scrums using the my day feature for each team member and the scrum report encourages positive discussion and promotes assertive, proactive corrective actions to keep sprints on track and focused.

Globally Dispersed

Team members submit their daily reports in their own time without impacting the momentum of the sprint, regardless of their location

Individual Commitment

Commit today, report tomorrow improves visibility of outcomes & encourages collaborative discussion throughout the sprint

Early Corrective Actions

Understanding risks to sprints early means that corrective action can be discussed and executed to ensure sprint targets

What was completed?

Quickly visualise the work completed since the last scrum including planned vs unplanned and sprint vs non-sprint work

What was not finished?

Importantly everybody can see the work that was committed to but failed to be delivered so impact and actions can be discussed

Were their any blockers?

Again, information that could challenge a sprints success is visible, upfront and discussed to generate quicker resolutions


Job done! The sprint is completed and now the team gets together to conduct a retrospective and get on with the next sprint! Right?!? Wrong! The limitation with standard retrospective approaches is that they fail to recognise that most people do not reflect well and team members may not feel confident and comfortable to be honest and direct with their personal and/or team feedback.

Online Scrums uses tools to capture immediate feedack as your team is completing or reviewing their reports and ultimately allows your team to

extract better quality feedback from your team improve the quality of learnings generate more positive actionable improvements

by capturing feedback throughout the sprint period in a non-confronting way. This will quickly translate to a positive change in team culture that encourages continuous feedback and improvement.

Continuous Feedback

team members provide feedback throughout the sprint to improve the amount, quality and relevence of feedback

View Sprint Trends

Retro reports provides insightful reports on factors such as planned vs unplanned, sprint vs non-sprint deliverables

Team Learnings

Due to the implementation of continuous feedback teams learn more about their performance and openly discuss results and outcomes

Actionable Change

As feedback improves and teams develop more comprehensive learnings, actionable change can be planned and executed in future sprints

Continuous Improvement

With feedback leading to learnings, leading to change; teams develop a strong culture of continuous improvement that will lead to better business results

Atlassian JIRA Integration

There are powerful development platforms like Atlassian JIRA that do a great job with the management of projects, backlogs, user stories and work breakdown. Online Scrums integrates with these tools through connectors to enabling

authenticate via oauth sprint & tasks import viewing & adding task comments collaboration synchronisation triggering of status transitions

With this integration there's no need to jump between systems, your team can work in Online Scrums and have it updating JIRA accordingly!

Secure OAuth Authentication

Security is important so we only use oauth authentication with our connection to your Atlassian web services

Sprint & Task Import

Creating your Online Scrums sprint is as easy as selecting your active sprint and all required sprint/task data is imported

Synchronised Collaboration

When connected to a JIRA instance, all comments and collaboration details are visible in JIRA and Online Scrums

Status Transitions

Transitioning through your JIRA workflow is important so we do this for you as your tasks progress and are reported on


Online Scrums is designed to make agile scrums more effective by allowing your team to see through the haze and clearly identify issues early. This empowers scrum masters & product owners with data to make decisions that customers will directly benefit from.

Our approach differs from other agile solutions in that we specifically address the often neglected aspects of agile scrum such as the daily scrum and retrospective processes. We aim to keep things simple, beautiful and functional; you're going to love it.

Dispersed Teams

team members submit their daily reports in their own time without impacting the momentum of the sprint, regardless of their location


managers & leaders can be setup as observers to view reports and see sprint progress without the need to submit daily reports


scrum masters have amazingly simple visibility of sprint momentum and an ability to address project risks proactively.


increased visibility means better business decisions that will positively affect your customers experience with your team


Online Scrums provides features that are designed to systemise the aspects of your agile scrum processes that often lack visibility and stifle teams progression and growth. We know that integrating Online Scrums into your processes will improve the effectiveness of your teams and provide your leaders the visibility to make better, more informed business decisions.

My Day

submit daily systemised, structured reports that are used in place of, or as part of your daily scrum


execute your daily scrum, reflect on reports and view video reports from your team members globally


use a familiar swimlane view to view or manage your planned sprint tasks, it's super quick and easy


use statistics and useful graphs to analyse and reflect on your team and personal sprint outcomes


long-term improvements can be viewed and tracked by using sprint by sprint trends for analysis


share critical sprint data across your development environment through our system integrations

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower successful agile scrum teams globally with beautiful, simple to use products; improving the effectiveness and success of businesses, small to large.

Further, we are committed to providing world-class customer experience and service that positively influences our communities; our team, our customers and our extended communities.

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